School of HMLS Has Moved!

The School of Humanities & Liberal Studies have split into two new academic units.

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The Humanities program joined with another department, forming the Department of Humanities and Comparative World Literature.

Humanities students develop methods of bringing the various humanities, such as literature, music, visual forms and architecture, into an integrative view of the world's cultural diversity.

To find information on the Humanities programs, visit any of these links.

B.A. in American Studies

B.A. in Humanities

M.A. in Humanities

Minor in American Studies

Minor in Humanities

Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies program has formed its own School, the School of Liberal Studies.

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary major that encompasses areas of knowledge in the arts, sciences, social sciences and language.

To find information on the Liberal Studies programs, visit any of these links.

B.A. in Liberal Studies

B.A. in Integrated Teacher Preparation

Minor in California Studies

Minor in Comic Studies