Minor in Comics Studies

Comics Studies has come to SF State!

We graduated our first Five Students with the Minor this May! 












See interviews with Nick Sousanis about the program in SF State News and in the Golden Gate Xpress.

Spring 2019 Offerings

HUM 540 Topics in Comics: MANGA! Curious about manga or want to test your otaku knowledge?  Discover the hidden histories of manga in Japan and worldwide; read pioneering works and become familiar with the culture and circumstances that gave rise to one of the most famous exports of Japan!   We will focus on transformations in the look and feel of manga over the last century, examining relationships with fashion trends and visual arts.  We will also pay attention to the kinds of relationships manga set up with their audiences, and look at the reception history of manga in popular culture (including cosplay, dojinshi, fan-fiction, manga cafés, and more) and scholarship. 
HUM 540 Topics in Comics: San Francisco Underground! San Francisco was the birthplace of Underground Comix, Wimmen's Comix, & Gay Comix. This class will introduce students to this rich creative legacy, with history/herstory/theirstory, critique and creation, as well as consider how this legacy influenced today's medium. 
Also coming in Spring of 2019, AFRS 675 Afrofuturism will be offered by Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer on Mondays 4-6:45! It will focus on Africana Speculative Fiction, Comics, and Music and will count towards the Comics Studies Minor! Stay tuned for more announcements on new classes.
Questions? Email Comics Studies Coordinator Nick Sousanis sousanis@sfsu.edu (Note: Nick is on sabbatical Spring 2019 - Comics & Culture, and Making Comics courses will return in Fall 2019...)

Fall 2018 Offerings

HUM 325 Comics and Culture M/W 12:30-1:45 (Sousanis)
LS 304 Making Comics M 4-645 (Sousanis)

WGS 580 Feminism and the Speculative: Another World is Possible Thursday 4-6:45 (Kenney)

Core requirement (3 units)

HUM 325 Comics and Culture

Electives (9 units)

Select three courses from the following:

LS 304 Making Comics
HIST 304 Teaching History with Comics
LS 604 Advanced Comics Making
HUM 540 Topics in Comics
WGS 580 Feminism & the Speculative: Another World is Possible *Must request permission to count towards minor
AFRS 675 Afrofuturism coming Spring 2019 Monday, 4pm to 6:45pm
ENG 300/CW 501 Graphic Memoir and Biography

Also, LS426 Thought & Image is currently counting towards the minor

More courses and announcements coming soon...


Drop a line to Nick Sousanis at sousanis@sfsu.edu

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