Advising in Humanities

All full-time Humanities faculty are undergraduate advisors. Consult the professors with whom you are taking courses for advice on your coursework and career prospects. We strongly recommend that you talk to your advisors at least once a semester.

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Advising in Liberal Studies

All full-time Liberal Studies faculty are undergraduate advisors. Additionally, Liberal Studies has a full-time adviser, Andrea Olsen, who can help you with the major and its relation to GE. To make an appointment with an LS advisor, please call, email, or drop in on Andrea Olson in HUM 409, or email one of your professors directly.  Andrea can be reached by phone at (415) 338-6927 or by email at

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Advising in American & California Studies

For advising in American Studies (B.A. or minor) or California Studies (minor), email Cristina Ruotolo at Remember to download and fill out as much of the specific advising worksheet as you can.

General Advising

Majors in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts (LCA) should consult with two advisors each semester:

  1. an advisor in the major and
  2. a general education and university requirements advisor in the ARC (Advising Resource Center for LCA).

Students who are completing a minor or an additional major should see an advisor in those programs as well.

For General Education and University Requirements

Faculty Contact Information

For advising in the major, contact one of the following faculty:
Name Email Major
Augsburg, Tanya Liberal Studies
Barros, Jose Acacio De Liberal Studies
Ferreira, Mariana Liberal Studies
Garcia-Moreno, Laura Humanities
Hennessy, Logan Liberal Studies
Leonard, George Humanities
Peña-Guzman, David Humanities/Liberal Studies
Ruotolo, Cristina Humanities/American Studies
Scott, Mary Humanities
Sousanis, Nick Humanities/Liberal Studies/Comic Studies

Additional Resources

Many of our majors are interested in becoming teachers, whether K-12 or post-secondary. The interdisciplinary programs in the School of Humanities & Liberal Studies offer excellent foundations for teaching careers. In particular, Liberal Studies is the recommended major for future elementary school teachers. 

Requirements for admission to the Multiple Subjects Credential program at SF State include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree must be posted before starting the program
  • Fulfill Subject Matter Competency Requirement, either by earning a B.A. in Liberal Studies or passing the CSET exams. 
  • GPA: 2.67 overall or 2.75 in last 60 semester units or 90 quarter units
  • Early Field Experience in a public classroom setting
  • Fulfill Basic Skills Requirement
  • Fulfill Second Language Requirement

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