Liberal Studies Undergraduate Courses (with LS Prefix)

LS 300GW: Perspectives on Liberal Studies - GWAR


Prerequisite: ENG 214 or equivalent with a grade of C- or better.

Enrollment priority for Liberal Studies majors.
Basic preparation for interdisciplinary study. Draws on language arts, mathematics, science, social sciences, humanities and creative arts to prepare students for advanced work in Liberal Studies and for careers requiring breadth and depth of knowledge (ABC/NC grading only). Community Service Learning may be available; consult index for page reference.

Units: 3
Meets Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

LS 309: Physical Sciences for Elementary School Teachers


Prerequisite: Completion of the Physical Sciences GE requirement.

Designed for prospective elementary/middle school (K – 8) teachers. Understanding through inquiry the structure and property of matter and principles of motion and energy. Class work, 2 units; laboratory, 1 unit.

Units: 3

LS 400: Social Sciences Core I


Prerequisite: Upper-division standing or consent of instructor.

An interdisciplinary approach to the scientific study of human social behavior. Exploration of the similarities and differences between the social science disciplines of anthropology, psychology and sociology with respect to their subject matter, concepts, models and research approaches. (Formerly SS 300.)

Units: 3

LS 401: Social Sciences Core II


Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.

An interdisciplinary social science approach to the disciplines of history, geography, economics and political science with regard to their subject matter, concepts, models and research approaches. Considers the prospects and problems of interdisciplinary vs. disciplinary social analysis. (Formerly SS 301.)

Units: 3
SF State Studies: Environmental Sustainability, SF State Studies: Global Perspectives

LS 426: Thought and Image: Creative Arts


Prerequisite: ENG 114 or equivalent.

Works in the creative arts and humanities studied in terms of the unique ways the meanings, values and forms reflect their cultures of origin. Works from at least two global cultures will be included. (Formerly CA 426.)

Units: 3

LS 430: Future of the Forests


Prerequisites: ENG 214 or equivalent; one course in college-level biology.

Ecological and social dimensions of Western-Hemisphere forests; forest ecology and science; sociopolitical relations of industries to forest decline and with minority forest dwellers and laborers; sustainability and the future role of forests.

Units: 3

LS 460: Childhood, Nature and Society


Prerequisite: ENG 214 or equivalent; upper-division standing.

Exploration of the relationship between childhood and nature in pre-through-post industrial societies using theory, research and methods from the social sciences. [Formerly S S 460.] [CSL may be available; consult index for page reference.]

Units: 3

LS 681: Community Service Learning in the Schools


Prerequisite: Upper division standing.

Projects in history and social studies learning at the K-12 level. Meets state early field experience requirement for multiple and single subject credential program admissions. May be repeated for a total of 6 units. This course is offered as LS 681 and HIST 681. Students may not repeat the course under an alternate prefix. (Community Service Learning may be available; consult index for page reference.)

Units: 3
LS 681/HIST 681

LS 690: Liberal Studies Senior Seminar


Prerequisite: LS 300 and senior standing.

Interdisciplinary theory, research and practice. Examination of key questions and complex problems from multiple perspectives through preparation of a substantial piece of work.

Units: 3

LS 699: Independent Study


Prerequisite: Declared Liberal Studies major; upper-division standing and consent of instructor.

Independent inquiry into a specific interdisciplinary issue or problem formulated by the student and approved and supervised by a member of the Liberal Studies faculty.

Units: 1 - 3