Minor in Comics Studies

Comics Studies has come to SF State!

We graduated our first Five Students with the Minor this May! 












See interviews with Nick Sousanis about the program in SF State News and in the Golden Gate Xpress.

Fall 2018 Offerings

HUM 325 Comics and Culture M/W 12:30-1:45 (Sousanis)
LS 304 Making Comics M 4-645 (Sousanis)
* NEW CLASS HUM 540 Topics in Comics: Underground Comix - Thursdays 4-6:45 (Tyler Cohen) *
WGS 580 Feminism and the Speculative: Another World is Possible Thursday 4-6:45 (Kenney)

We're excited to have a new course this fall 2018!

HUM 540 Deep examination of a particular genre, time period, region, or emphasis within the comics medium. Focus on primary and theoretical/contextual readings, and will include opportunities to make as well as reflect on comics. This section will focus on: 
San Francisco Underground Comix – San Francisco was the birthplace of the Underground Comix scene in the late 1960s (running through the 1970s), and this course will look at the rise of the Underground, significant artists and the events that shaped it, and how this alternative offshoot of comics eventually contributed to the development of the graphic novel and the much broader understanding of what comics are and what sorts of subject matter comics handle. This will be a historically focused class, looking at what was going on in San Francisco and the United States that shaped the subject matter of the Underground, how the Underground served as a response to what was going on in the large comics world, and the subculture exploring the unconscious, drugs, and sex that they emerged from. The class will look head-on at the issues raised in the work and with the work itself – including sexism and misogyny by Underground authors, which in turn prompted the creation of Wimmen’s Comix and a growing role of female creators.

Core requirement (3 units)

HUM 325 Comics and Culture

Electives (9 units)

Select three courses from the following:

LS 304 Making Comics
HIST 304 Teaching History with Comics
LS 604 Advanced Comics Making
HUM 540 Topics in Comics
WGS 580 Feminism & the Speculative: Another World is Possible *Must request permission to count towards minor
ENG 300/CW 501 Graphic Memoir and Biography
Also, LS426 Thought & Image is currently counting towards the minor

More courses and announcements coming soon...


Drop a line to Nick Sousanis at sousanis@sfsu.edu

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