Feedback on the Liberal Studies Program

“My experience in the classroom at San Francisco State University has been excellent. I have participated in many great classes that have served to make me into a better and more qualified teacher. In several classes, I have learned the material that I need to convey to my students. In several classes, I have learned, through modeling, the qualities of a great teacher and in others I have gained the confidence and belief that I am qualified to teach the future.”


“I am very pleased with the classes I took at SF State. [They] helped me to reorganize my notion of how and who I am in the world.”


“I love how well-rounded the Liberal Studies Major is. I enjoyed learning about several different subjects. Of course I know it has helped me as a substitute teacher. I highly recommend the major to anyone!”


“LS was very helpful, because I was able to use some of the things I studied.”


“I wouldn't have my job without my degree. My education from SF State is one of my most important and treasured life experiences!”


“Liberal Studies provided me with a broad educational background that developed my thinking and range of knowledge. I continue to be inquisitive and open to learning about something I don’t know much about.”


“The broad educational background/foundation I received from my Liberal Studies degree has enabled me to interact more easily with a variety of people, especially business people, that I meet and work with every day in my place of work.”


“I can’t help but think that some of my personal achievements are directly attributable to my experience at State.”